Digital Alternating Rotation with On-Demand Low Air Loss (LAL) Relief

    Effective means of providing ALTERNATING ROTATION therapy with On-Demand Low Air Loss relief. Adjustable rotation angles and times. Mattress system with Wireless Auto Upright (Fowler) Sensor. Smart Support Surface™ (SSS) provides real time and accurate patient interface pressures below capillary occlusion with enhanced Alternating Rotation – Low Air Loss therapy and patient comfort.

Control Unit (K-6) ELITE

    • Plug and play auto-sensing multi-use control unit, operates in any country. Single high airflow pump, 42~52 LPM (liters per minute). State of the art micro-controller with Real Time Pressure Monitoring (RTPM) sensor technology. Constantly monitors mattress pressures, automatically sets pressures when patient weight and height are entered. Software flexibility allows customer changes (custom pressures, times, and functions).
    • User-friendly control panel with dome keys and 4×20 bright digital LCD display for simple user interface. Displays current mode, various times, weight and height, patient comfort pressure level graph bar, Left & Right side actual mattress pressures in mmHg, and various other functions.
    • Micro-controller shuts off the pump once the desired patient comfort pressure is obtained. The pump is off most of the time. Max Flow mode with 30 minute timer for rapid inflation of the mattress, inflates in 5 ~ 25 minutes depending on the size of the mattress.
    • Wireless Auto Upright (Fowler) Sensor (K-150) automatically detects patient’s fowler position & inflates the mattress to 80% higher than the set pressure to eliminate patient bottoming.
    • ON-DEMAND LAL: LAL relief can be turned on or off. During on demand LAL mode the system provides continuous LAL relief.
    • Provides effective static or alternating rotation therapies along with on-demand low air loss relief. In upright mode the pump inflates the mattress to 80% higher pressure to eliminate patient bottoming. Solenoids in the pump hold air for days in the event of power failure or during patient transportation.
    • Lock out key completely locks the control panel to eliminate tampering of the patient settings, including power switch.
    • Audiovisual alarms in the event of power outage or low pressures (hose disconnect). Alarm silence key to mute alarms. Internal memory always retains current settings during power outage, will resume desired operation upon power restoration.
    • Control unit is reliable, quiet, compact and lightweight. For quick inflate please use our K-39 RID™ Rapid Inflator / Deflator unit.

Smart Support Surface™ (K-6M) ELITE, Patented Low Air Loss Top Sheet

    • Therapeutic support surface consists of superior quality, urethane coated nylon 8” air cushions (16/24 cell mattress) to provide effective alternating rotation therapy with low interface pressures. The support surface provides continuous and effective alternating rotation therapy with low air loss relief during the entire rotation or non-rotation cycle. Mattress design provides effective rotation angles up to 40° ± 5°. Mattress is 10” high.
    • Constant air pressure side bolsters / foam bolsters help contain the patient on the mattress during rotation cycles. Air bolsters can be deflated for easy patient access into and out of the mattress and also for easy patient procedures.
    • PATENTED HYBRID AIR CUSHION design provides effective rotation angles up to 45° ± 5°.
    • PATENTED LOW AIR LOSS 3 layered zippered top sheet. Top layer is low friction and low shear force producing, and highly vapor permeable urethane coated breathable nylon or 4-way stretch material, the middle layer is a low air loss spacer fabric layer, and the bottom layer is a liquid proof layer. 2” convoluted safety foam base or 2” optional air pad base (8” & 10” mattress) to provide additional support to the patient in the event of power failure.
    • The air cells are connected to the manifold using quick connectors and fastened to the base. The top sheet is zippered to the base. Single rugged quick disconnect connector for rapid attach and CPR deflate function. Holds air for days during power failure.
    • Complete support surface is made of superior quality materials and is modular in construction. All of the components such as manifold, tubing assembly, air cushions, top sheet, and foam base are interchangeable and can be easily cleaned or detached for laundry.
    • Lightweight support surface can be rolled up easily and has two handles or two shoulder straps, which can be used to carry by hand or over the shoulder.

SAC™ Support Air Cushion (K-140)

    • SAC™ (Optional) foot support air cushion can be used to support patient’s feet and to provide zero interface pressures in the heel area.

K-6 TURN-ZONE™ Specifications

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