Alternating Therapy with Turn Assist and Micro Climate Control System

    Easy and effective means of providing Alternating therapy with Turn Assist and On-Demand Low Air Loss relief to manage patient’s skin micro climate environment. Simple to operate and affordable, Smart Support Surface (SSS) provides real time and accurate patient interface pressures and patient comfort.

Control Unit (K-6oem) OEM

    • Single high airflow pumps, 42~52 LPM (liters per minute).
    • Software flexibility allows customer changes (custom pressures, times, and functions). Provides 30º ± 8º Left or Right Turn Assist.
    • Intuitive user-friendly control panel with LED display for simple
      user interface and quick setup.
    • State of the art microcontroller design, Low Pressure alarm,
      Power Fail alarm, System Lock Out, Alarm Silence.
    • ON-DEMAND LAL: Micro climate control Low Air Loss relief can be turned on or off.
    • Control Unit holds air for days in the event of power failure or during patient transportation.
    • Lock out key completely locks the control panel to eliminate tampering of the patient settings, including power switch.
    • Bed Exit Alarm: When activated, an audio visual alarm will sound when the patient exits the bed.

Smart Support Surface™ (K-6oemFAM ) OEM, Patented SKIN GUARD™ Top Sheet.

    • Therapeutic support surface with Skin Guard™ Top Sheet, FoamAire™ patient support foam filled air cells for maximum patient support and comfort, and non skid mattress base.
    • Safe constant air pressure side bolsters help contain the patient on the mattress during Turn Assist cycles.

      Patented SKIN GUARD™ LOW AIR LOSS Top Sheet.

    • Multi-Chambered Low Air Loss distribution zippered top sheet.
      • Top layer is low friction and low shear force producing, highly vapor permeable and yet water resistant, breathable nylon or stretch material.
      • Middle layer is a unique spacer fabric layer, allows unobstructed, continuous air flow throughout the top sheet to prevent heat buildup and manage patient’s skin micro climate environment.
      • Bottom layer is a zippered liquid proof layer which prevents any liquids from getting into the mattress base.

SAC™ Support Air Cushion (K-140)

    • SAC™ (Optional) foot support air cushion can be used to support patient’s feet and to provide zero interface pressures in the heel area.

K-6oemFAMS AIRE-TURN ASSIST™ Specifications

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